Curse of the Boggin

Curse of the Boggin; Library Book 1

by D.J. MacHale

There’s a place beyond this world, beyond the land of the living, where ghosts go to write their unfinished stories—stories that ended too soon. It’s a place for unexplained phenomena: mysteries that have never been solved, spirits that have never been laid to rest. And there’s only one way in or out.”
The beginning is gripping, and for that I commend MacHale. There is adventure; the characters at the get-go are fun, believable, and  interesting. I especially appreciated how MacHale challenges racial stereotypes though his depiction of the Black boy Theo and the Asian girl Lu.

The Curse of the Boggin starts off really strong, and carries on that way until the three-quarters of the way in, when the characters, who once took centre stage, are cast off and the author makes away for a subpar plot line involving this sinister old hag who is malevolently intent upon attaining the key with a determination that it never fully appreciated, or well conveyed. It’s just unfortunate that in trying to tie up all the ends of this story into a jumbled conclusion caused my excitement to fizzle just as quick.


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