The Curious Cat Spy Club

The Curious Cat Spy Clubย 

by Linda Joy Singleton

Kelsey helps catch a runaway zorse (horse + zebra) with the help of the nicest and most popular girl in school, Becca. The two are walking home when they happen upon a litter of kittens trapped in a dumpster and Leo is the only person around who can help get them out. The three unlikely friends decide to work together to help solve animal crimes with their secret club.”

I don’t understand why this book is not more popular, it’s so fun! You have three friends, each uniquely their own and wonderfully interesting, a pretty darn good mystery plot, and last but not least – kittens!

This is a club that rescues animals and solves mysteries. It’s well written, the pace is good and everything just flows really well together. The scenes are also convincing and eclectic, as in the case of the zorse.

Maybe it’s something as simple as a longer title, or illustration on the cover, but I’m surprised this has not become a middle-grade bestseller.




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