The Kingdom of Wrenly

The Kingdom of Wrenly 

by Jordan Quinn

“Welcome to the Kingdom of Wrenly, where our main characters—Lucas the eight year-old prince, and Clara, the daughter of the queen’s seamstress—reside. Lucas is an only child, and he longs to make friends and go on adventures. Clara knows the kingdom well, so throughout this series, she and Lucas will team up and explore the lands together.”

“It’s about a prince, and he goes on adventure” – so tells me a young girl, about six-years-old, at the bookstore where I work. Her simple description, the book’s cover and the smile that spread across her face as she described it immediately sparked my interest.

The Kingdom of Wrenly’s first book of the series is about a young prince in search of friends, but his strict father relegates him to their castle premises and initially refuses that his son should socialize with commoners. Soon, the prince and a friend traverse magical kingdoms in search of a gem. The kingdoms ruled by different magical creatures reminds of the Geronimo Stilton series, in its organized layout and straight forward quest that will engage young readers with humour and intrigue.


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