Book Review for Mabel’s Fables: Crushing It

This is my review of the Middle-grade novel Crushing It by Joanne Levy for Mabel’s Fables bookstore!

Self-described warthog Kat feels she is no match in beauty and popularity to her “best cousin” Olivia, whom Kat likens to a graceful gazelle. Now in seventh grade, Kat is the studious, nerdy Manga lover while Olivia is the school’s leading dancer and beauty trends expert. Both cousins may be complete opposites, but they stick together. Their latest mission: getting a certain boy to ask Olivia to the dance.

That boy is Chris, Kat’s best friend. But he’s changed over the summer – a lot – and so has Kat’s feelings towards him. Olivia has also noticed the change, and yet, however different she and Chris may be, he’s way too cute not to go with to the dance. As the three friends find themselves in tense, nail-biting situations, friendships and loyalties are put to the test.
Nicole’s rave: Crushing It is a simple, enjoyable read filled with wholesome and lovable characters, combined with gut-churning, sweat-inducing middle school drama. Readers will feel those romantic pangs when Kat helps Olivia – however reluctantly – get the boy they both like, they’ll cringe when Kat all-too often lies down like a doormat for Olivia, and they’ll root for Kat when she rises to the occasion. I love that author Joanne Levy never has the two girls turning against each other. There is no cattiness between them, just admirable maturity as they deal with their issues. Fun, funny and “good” silly, Crushing It is a page-turner young readers will relish. – Reviewed by Nicole Abi-Najem

Rating: 4 / 5

Age in store: 11
Perfect for fans of: To All the Boys I’ve Loved Before by Jenny HanThe School for Good and Evil by Soman Chainani and Iacopo BrunoThe Princess Diaries by Meg Cabot.


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