Author: Micheal Morpugo

Genre: Mythology

What it’s About: Michael beautiful retells the epic tale of Beowulf, a brave young man living in fifth-century Denmark. He is called upon by a noble village King to defeat the wicked Grendel, a monster who terrorizes the small town.

Where even the might of the sword fails, Beowulf relies on the God-given strength of his body to slay the monster.

But the victory doesn’t mark the end of his trials. Driven by grief, Grendel’s mother mourns the loss of her son and is sent on a slaughtering spree.

Beowulf also defeats her, but even a great man has his fall. Beowulf will meet his end when he faces off with the mighty dragon.

An epic tale, Morpugo’s retelling keeps the story intact while making it accessible to young readers through this seamless writing style.

RAVE: I absolutely adored this tale. I am not one to wade through old English, but I still thirsted for this epic tale that has impacted popular culture. I finally feel I know this story, and can fully appreciate it. Morpugo writes beautifully, but he keeps the style of the original tale in tact. Accompanied with fantastic illustrations throughout, this book dissolves the barrier of intimidation so often faced when coming to a work of great esteem.


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